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At Retreat Design we offer a fluid and flexible design, construct and project management service. So whether you are replacing your kitchen, looking for a bathroom renovation company or sourcing cabinetry for your next construction project, Retreat Design is the place to start your research.



Below, we’ve compiled a list of steps to let you know what to expect when designing and ordering your kitchen or bathroom with us:

  • We start a conversation!!! You tell us about your project and what you are looking for from a form, function and budget perspective. The more you can tell us the better we are at meeting your expectations in the next step!


  • We develop some cool looking drawings. This involves a site measure and the drawing up of your ideas into 3D modelling software.


  • We chat again, this time to narrow down the design and start thinking through the details like colour and product selection. We have a range of products on display at our showroom in Subiaco, but this process may also include “shopping” at local tile or stone companies to ensure we get the product selection perfect.


  • We give you a quote and final design that meet your initial brief, YAY, and then press the go button! A word of caution, this seems like a pretty simple thing to do but as this is a creative process, it may be slightly more protracted than this blog post suggests. But this is where we really shine as we want you to be happy with the end result, so spending time up front is actually the best investment of our time.


  • Once you sign off, your design gets plugged straight into our Italian manufacturers software so it can be custom manufactured over in the rolling hillsides of Northern Italy before being shipped to your door ready for installation!


We would love to chat to you about your next building project, whether that be cabinetry for a new build or a kitchen or bathroom renovation. We also do whole house renovations and often engage Chartwell Constructions, our affiliated registered builder to assist in the management of larger scale projects.

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