5 ways to design a more cost effective kitchen

When you’re planning a kitchen renovation the quoting stage can be an eye-opening experience. Whilst most cabinet makers would prefer you not to make shortcuts, we are going to share with you some of our insider secrets! Here’s our top 5 ways to reduce your kitchen cabinetry costs.

  • Cabinetry finish: our entry level kitchen ranges in laminate are the most cost effective design choice. With advances in technology, the range of laminates on offer represent excellent value for money whilst looking high end and polished. We have a great selection of wood, matte finish and textured laminates to choose from and the new laser edging makes this cabinetry hard wearing and durable. For everyday cupboards around the sink, or crockery, a durable surface such as laminate is recommended. More expensive timber surfaces should be used as highlights in display units or on the overhead units to add contrast to the design.
  • Cabinetry height: The taller the cabinetry unit, the more costly it is. Generally 2150mmH is considered usable storage space. Anything above this height starts to becomes hard to reach and purely for aesthetic purposes. By reducing overhead cabinets, you can also save money. If most of your kitchen items can go into your base units, the need for overhead cabinetry may be reduced.
  • Handles Vs Handle-less: There is a common misconception that handleless cabinetry is more expensive than the traditional style cabinetry with handles. At Retreat Design our Italian made cabinetry is around the same price and you can opt for a much sleeker finish using door grooves instead of handles.
  • Drawers Vs Cupboards: Did you know that drawers cost three times as much cupboards? Whilst drawers can be functionally better in the kitchen, consider how many you actually need to see if there are ways to reduce the number and substitute for cupboard storage instead.
  • Galley Style Kitchen: A bank of tall units on a wall with an island bench is the most cost effective kitchen design. This galley style kitchen has the added benefit of looking modern and open plan. By eliminating corner cabinets, you can save a considerable amount of money and reduce awkward storage space.


By choosing cabinetry and fixtures wisely, we can assist you in designing a cost effective kitchen that not only looks amazing but is functional and won’t break the bank!

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White laminate kitchen

WEB 4 Myera St Swanbourne twi 47

Handleless cabinetry


Galley style kitchen

_MG_2903 - Copy

Cupboard units instead of drawers




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