Altamarea Lympha Concept


Retreat Design are proud to produce luxury bathrooms using products from one of our favourite manufacturers – Altamarea. Presenting their stunning Lympha Concept Range that focuses on well-being, we can’t wait to utilise this collection. Read below to find out more.



Essential. For those who prefer minimalism and he essentiality of matter. For those looking for their own well-being in the aesthetic purity of prestigious elements.


Proposed in ten different solutions, Lympha is a complete bathroom furniture set that stands out for its stylish lines and advanced search for prestigious materials. Lympha is a high-design product created to meet the demands of a continuously changing market, where the bathroom environment is increasingly associated with personal care and well-being.


Designed by Franco Driusso, the advanced search for prestigious materials is expressed in the broad range of proposed finishes. The lymph solutions are dressed in elegant gloss, sand, and oxidised lacquers, soft Fenix NTM, and precious woods, including a particular Rovere Terra Dogato with 3D workmanship featuring thin, corrugated, vertical slates.



If you love this collection as much as we do, contact us to find out how you can include this in your next home renovation!

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