Arrital’s ‘Design Your Future’ │ Italian Visit 2017

The Retreat Design team have recently returned from their trip to Italy where they attended the Arrital ‘Design (Y)our Future’ Global meeting attended by over 70 distributors from 35 different countries across the world.

The three day event commenced in Fontanafredda, where Arrital’s headquarters and world class manufacturing facility are located. Here, the team were taken through the evolution of the Arrital brand and the development of their icon ranges AkB_08, AK_05, AK_04 and the streamlined new AK_Project concept which has a greater range of product offerings and standardisation.

The attendees were then bussed to Milan for a special gastronomy class with Andrea Beton in his 2 star Michelin ‘Ristorante Beton’ where he demonstrated his state of the art cooking.

It is with Beton that Arrital have collaborated to propose a new level of high-end functionality in the AkB_08 kitchen. Soon to be released, the AkB_08 is thanks to the design partnership between the chef, Andrea Berton, and Arrital creative director, Franco Driusso.

The Retreat Design team gained valuable insight into the global marketing strategies of Arrital kitchens and relished the chance to meet like-minded suppliers of the prestigious Italian brand. On return to Australia, we are super excited to share the new cabinetry products with our clients and access cutting edge European technology and trends here in West Australian market.

Stay tuned as we start to showcase the new Arrital products across our media channels!


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