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Luxury Bath


Lets face it, there’s nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day than a soak in a luxurious bathtub…

Here at Retreat Design we love to incorporate a feature bathtub into our clients’ bathroom designs. With so many stunning designer baths to choose from, we can help you select a beautiful and functional tub for your bathroom retreat. We have access to the latest trends from Europe and can also source local and custom made products for your project. With luxurious proportions and eye catching designs, come and see some of these beautiful baths in our showroom today.

  • Box-Bath-Blackbutt-e1433910680153-500x329 thumbnail
    Box Bath in Blackbutt timber by Emanuel Oppliger
  • Kos-Geo-180-500x417 thumbnail
    Zucchetti.Kos Geo 180 bathtub
  • 16-zucchetti-kos-agora-by-l-r-palomba-b-500x427 thumbnail
    Zucchetti.Kos Agora free standing bathtub
  • dado-Emily-bath-e1433910782914-500x372 thumbnail
    Dado Emily bath
  • Designer baths
    Rifra Smooth bathtub
  • Designer baths
    Zucchetti.Kos Faraway Vis-A-Vis bath
  • morphing-whtie thumbnail
    Zucchetti.Kos Morphing Vasca bath

For more info on the Zucchetti.Kos bath range please click here

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