Closer shower head by Zucchetti

Introducing a revolutionary new product by Italian manufacturer Zucchetti. ‘Closer’ designed by Diego Grandi was launched in 2014 and looks set to cause a stir in the Australian market with its innovative and flexible take on the traditional static shower head.

Resembling the form of a lamp with three moveable joints, the idea of Closer is to provide a shower head that is designed to be adjusted and extended simply and intuitively. The adjustable arm allows many different spatial configurations to be created, which in turn translates into an equally wide range of methods for the user to control and direct the jet of water. A cylindrical counterweight ensures that the shower head is stable in any position and at any height. Available in a black and chrome finish, Zucchetti and Diego Grandi are currently working on an extended collection to include multiple bathroom products.

Closer was awarded the prestigious 2014 Good Design Award in the US, beating thousands of entries across 48 countries. Take a look at the Zucchetti Closer website for more information here or contact us at Retreat Design today!


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