COVID-19 Update from Retreat Design

We wanted to put a message out to all our existing clients and Retreat Design team to address the current health situation around COVID-19. We are keen to follow government advice and provide a safe and clean environment for our customers and staff given we are all feeling uncertain in these tough times. We’ve included some responses to questions you might have and we encourage you to continue to shop local and visit us in our showroom.



Can I come into your shop?

Yes, of course it is business as usual at Retreat Design. Our showroom takes limited foot traffic and we have a small team of maximum 5 workers in the office at any given time. All of our staff commute by private vehicle to work and as a boutique shop we don’t have a high volume of people coming through. Having good personal hygiene is of our utmost priority and we are implementing additional cleaning measures for the showroom.


Are there any other options for getting in touch with Retreat Design? Can you see me remotely?

We encourage you to give us a call to discuss this. Some of the options that are available to us are: remote video consultations including Facetime and Skype. If required we can also accommodate private showroom meetings and of course, we are always happy to meet at your house. We are working with our IT specialist to ensure we can work remotely if and when required.


What are you doing with trades and existing jobs?

Today we put a message out to all our sub contracted trades people to enforce the Governments self-isolation requirements post travel. We have gone one step further and asked trades to stay away from existing work sites if they have had contact with anyone who’s traveled overseas in the past week.


But isn’t Italy closed?

All our Italian manufacturers are in daily contact with Steve, Retreat Design’s business owner. The factories are still taking our orders. Italian teams are being equipped to work at home, similar to the steps Australian companies are taking. The factories are highly automated which means that not only are there many parts of our manufacturing that don’t require people to manage the process but also the human risk of transmission is extremely low.


Is it safe to order products from Italy?

The World Health Organization advises that preliminary information suggests the virus may only survive a few hours on surfaces and therefore would not survive the shipping transit. (as per the Government advice on )

The best defence against most viruses is to practice good hand hygiene. See Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak from the World Health Organization to find out more.



As a small business we are mindful to play our part in minimising the risk of COVID-19 affecting our community and medical service whilst balancing this with the needs of our clients.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Good health to all!

From the team at Retreat Design.



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