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Giancarlo Vegni has been consolidating his furniture design experience since beginning his career in 1968 working for Ferretti Cucine. Vegni’s overarching design philosophy is to create simple design through the use of geometric modularity and round shapes. His designs are timeless and celebrated over the world as well as in Italy.


Most notably for us at Retreat Design are the kitchen collections he has designed in collaboration with Effeti Cucine, one of the cabinetry brands we import from Italy. The curved “Sinuosa” kitchen range is particularly beautiful, featuring curved cabinetry and recessed pull grips.

Vegni has worked for many world-class furniture designers and manufacturers including Edra, Fasem International, Seven, Giovanetti and Casadesus and is responsible for bringing us many lovely furniture pieces. Giancarlo’s “Spider” armchair features an almost invisible acrylic frame to give the allusion the user is floating. The spider armchair is flamboyant yet minimalist, a unique piece of furniture with the ability to create conversation in any setting.

The O’Mies armchair is one of Vegni’s earlier designs and is an ode to the famous 20th century architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The canter-levered design is reminiscent of Mie’s “Barcelona” lounge chairs.

Another piece that transcends opulent elegance is the bathroom collection Vegni designed for Karol. The stand alone sink vessel is exquisitely beautiful and has been included in several of our Perth bathroom projects.

Vegni describes his work as a mix of extravagance and “sober elegance” and I think he hits the mark with this description. We have a wide range of kitchen and bathroom ranges designed by Giancarlo Vegni available through our international manufacturers such as Karol and Effeti: from the free standing diamond sink vessel to the curved Sinuosa kitchen range.


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