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Introducing Arredo3 Kitchens to Retreat Design

At Retreat Design we understand that as importers of products for the construction industry it is imperative to engage in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to ensure we deliver our service in an ethically responsible manner.


By nature, Italian products are sustainable. Our Italian manufacturing brands have an ethos that furniture is for LIFE and employ environmentally friendly manufacturing practices that ensure their kitchens are of the highest quality and last the test of time.


Retreat Design’s largest Italian manufacturer, Arrital, recently upgraded their manufacturing plant to a state of the art facility in Fontanafredda  in the north of Italy with environmentally friendly practices at the heart of their processes. The plant itself is virtually energy self-sufficient due to a comprehensive solar energy system. Other environmentally friendly practices include:


  • All Arrital kitchen carcasses use Green&Pool© chipboard panels, which are made from sustainable forests and are FSC certified. These panels are water repellent to ensure longevity and rigidity over time.
  • All Arrital kitchen carcasses have low emission formaldehyde and hold Greenguards certificate of compliance


In addition, Arrital has available a product called Paperstone© which is made from 100% recycled paper and a non-petroleum resin making it a great choice of benchtop and/or cabinet door fronts for clients wanting to minimize their environmental footprint.


The construction industry does create a significant load for our environment and yet when done responsibly we can create built environments that stand the test of time thus reducing the overall footprint of the spaces we choose to live in.

Here at Retreat Design we believe in quality over quantity and we carefully consider the lifespan of our renovations so as not to contribute to the ‘throw-away’ culture that is so harmful to our environment.

Come and have a chat with us today about how we can create a beautiful long lasting solution for your new kitchen or bathroom.



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