Eurocucina 2018

If you are kitchen design purist you may have been in Milan last week for the biennial Salone del Mobile 2018 where the latest kitchen furniture and furnishings were showcased at Eurocucina 2018.


Manufacturers and designers from around the world land in Milan every two years for this event. It is Italy’s, and Europe’s more widely, chance to show off their latest product and design offerings. The Italian’s really do know how to put on a show and this one is no exception; close of half a million people attend the event with over 1800 exhibitors showcasing their wares.


In the 10 years Retreat Design has been attending Eurocucina, the event continues to blow our minds with how design keeps evolving to extend our creative view of the world as well as provide innovative solutions to modern day living.


One of the main themes running through Eurocucina 2018 was an extension of where kitchen design has been going for some time now. Kitchens are evolving from functional spaces to being a genuine heart of the home where friends and family unite over the sharing of food and creation of memories and relationships. Creating a sense of unity and inclusiveness feeds the soul in our increasingly fast paced and disconnected lifestyles.


Eurocucina highlighted that without losing the Italian flare for indulgence, kitchens are being paired back to being genuine places to take comfort and live gracefully with friends and family.


Following this lead were emerging colour pallets, muted and delicate in nature. Soft orange shades of coral and apricot featured as well as muted moss and olive greens. Many hues of grey were also a big colour focus, primarily in large format tiles as a cladding alternative.


External shelving featured as a way to merge the function of selecting ingredients with engaging with those you are cooking for.


Innovation in appliances continued to focus on integrated smart technology, designed with energy efficiency as an important priority.


Eurocucina 2018 showed us once again that the Italians are 100% committed to their underlying design philosophy to create furniture pieces that are timeless in regards to both design and quality, providing solutions to living that age gracefully with their owners. We look forward to the next installment in 2020 and continue to be grateful for our lasting relationships with our Italian kitchen manufacturer’s Effeti and Arrital Cucine.

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