Fenix NTA | Nanotech Alloy


The result of years of research by Arpa Industriale is the new Fenix NTA which combines the benefits of Fenix with the luxury of an alloy based finish. For kitchen doors, Fenix NTA is being used as a metal coating on cabinetry door faces to create a completely unique, anti fingerprint modern door finish.


The features of kitchen doors finished in Fenix NTA include:

  • Metallic finish in three different colours,
  • Anti fingerprint,
  • Matt soft touch finish,
  • “micro-scratch” resistant, and,
  • Easy to clean and great for food preparation areas.

The Fenix NTA metal coating is hardened and fixed to the door front using Electron Beam Curing technology (EBC). EBC uses high velocity electrons instead of heat to cure laminate based coated surfaces. EBA technology was traditionally cost prohibitive and also seen as a relatively complex method for curing. However, advances in technology now mean EBC is a cost effective and generally more environmentally friendly option to heat curing coating systems in advanced cabinetry technology.


The real wow factor for this emerging product is that it may be used to create an authentic metal door finish without the problems of scratching and smudging that were the traditional barriers to using stainless steel in kitchens. Arrital’s kitchen collections are all available with Fenix NTA kitchen doors.


This is another great example where advances in technology are creating both aesthetically and functionally agreeable cabinetry solutions that are also more environmentally sustainable than traditional cabinetry manufacturing methods.


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