How To Choose The Right Finishes For Your Kitchen

how to choose kitchen finishes

Planning a new kitchen can be exciting and daunting all at once as you need to make design decisions which will stand the test of time.

There are a few key design choices to be made, of which, the most important are: the bench tops, the cabinetry, the splash back and the fixtures such as tapware and handles.

At Retreat Design, we like to begin our design with a materials board of finishes to give our clients an understanding of the colours and textures at play. A design concept which works well has a balance of contrast with all of the finish selections working as part of a cohesive design story.

When it comes to choosing your bench top and cabinetry, these are the components which are going to cop the most impact in the kitchen over time and hence should be your biggest investment. Practical, durable finishes made of high quality materials are going to give you the greatest longevity. Reconstituted stones and laminate finishes are more durable than say natural marble and timber veneer so its best to avoid precious materials for any high impact areas. Colour trends are best kept for accessories in the kitchen which can be changed periodically when desired. Sticking to a neutral colour palette for your key items such as bench tops and cabinetry ensures your design will maintain its relevance long into the future.

Adding timber or glass highlights to overhead cabinetry and open shelving is a great way to add interest without overdoing it. Tying in materials from throughout the home such as timber floorboard or tile colours and design styles from the living room cabinetry allows for continuity of design. These days, clients like to use cabinetry throughout a home and create an open plan living/dining connection that is less of ‘traditional kitchen’ and more of a complete living space.

Metallic accents such as brass, copper and matte black can be introduced in the tap ware and handle fittings and these can be easily changed over time for a quick refresh.

Ultimately, a well planned kitchen should last at least 15yrs so its really worth considering how your finish selections are going to age over time and potentially affect any re-sale value of the home. Trends come and go but high quality finishes are whats going to give you the best bang for buck over time.

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design choices for kitchen

Classic finishes at our West Leederville renovation

East Fremantle federation home with classic finishes


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