How To Choose The Right Splashback

Benchtops and splashbacks are a key design element in our kitchens and choosing the right finish depends on your personal taste and budget constraints.

Having previously covered the topic of kitchen benchtops in our blog post here, we thought we’d share our comprehensive guide on how to select the right splashback for you.

A kitchen essential, the main purpose of a splashback is to protect the wall from cooking splashes, steam and water. There are a multitude of options available and some great new products on offer. When choosing your splashback think: How Easy Is It To Clean?, Durability and Aesthetics.


Below are some options for you to consider:


Stone – A very popular choice with our clients, engineered stone splashbacks look visually stunning and offer continuity of the bench top. They are easy to clean and grout lines are not an issue.


Glass Window – A clear glass window acts as the perfect frame for plants or foliage outside the kitchen. Alternatively a painted mural could look just as striking outside the window glass. Toughened Glass is easy to clean and a great material for a kitchen splashback.


Mirror – A popular splashback choice, mirrored glass helps to reflect light and create the illusion of space. Standard, smoky and bronze mirror can add visual interest to the kitchen design. It is an easy to clean surface however fingerprints and splashes will need to be wiped regularly.


Large Format Tiles – Laminam, Dekton, XLight and Neolith are some of the cladding options available for your splashback. Made from a slimline composite material, they are available in a wide range of finishes and colours which mimic the look of natural stone. These surfaces are easy to maintain and can be used for the benchtop and splashback.


Tiles – Traditionally, tiles were the number one splashback option. With so many great tile designs and shapes on offer you can create a beautiful feature wall in your kitchen. Subway tiles, penny rounds, hexagonal tiles and mosaics are just some of the ways to add personality to your kitchen. Just remember that spills will need to be cleaned regularly and grout lines can become discoloured from the cooking steam.


Stainless Steel – A modern material often used in professional kitchens. Stainless steel is hygienic and easy to clean however it does show all of the grease and grime.


Exposed Brick – A bold statement in the kitchen, exposed brick adds an industrial charm to the kitchen. The downside is that brick is porous, uneven and can be hard to maintain.


Acrylic – A cost effective option compared to glass and stone. Be wary of choosing anything too bright as it can date quickly. Acrylic is a cheap cladding material and can be installed easily.



Stone Splashback

Mirrored splashback

Natural Stone continued from bench top

Bronze mirrored splashback

Kitchen window. Photo by Chris Warnes

Caesarstone surface – easy to clean

Mosaic Splashback

Graphite tiles

White subway tiles add character





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