How To Design A Functional Laundry

Whilst its not something we generally like to spend money on or much of our time in (for that matter!), the laundry is an essential part of home life.

Having completed many different laundries over the years, we have compiled our top tips for creating a functional laundry that will stand the test of time.




  • STORAGE – This should be your number 1 priority. You can never have too much storage space in the laundry. Cleaning products, irons, washing baskets, brooms, linen, towels and a multitude of other home necessities can be stored in the laundry. A mix of drawers, cupboards and tall units allows for versatility to store almost anything.
  • BENCH TOP SPACE – Ample working space for ironing and folding washing is essential. Especially with a large family. No one wants to sort their washing on the kitchen table!
  • HANGING SPACE – Hanging rods are a great way to hang shirts and other delicate items in an organised manner. Whether it be for air drying or post ironing, hanging space is a must.
  • NATURAL LIGHT & VENTILATION – A well ventilated laundry reduces the build up of condensation from the dryer or hanging racks. Large windows and extraction fans will help to eliminate moisture and prevent mould. Keep it light, bright & open.
  • A LARGE SINK – For soaking and washing. A large sink can also be used as a baby bath or a to wash a small dog!
  • AN ADJUSTABLE TAP – Being able to move the tap around and change the direction makes it a lot more functional.
  • AN EMPHASIS ON COST – There’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive finishes. Laminate works just fine and is a durable, cost effective option. Your money is better spent on the kitchen or bathroom.
  • DURABLE FINISHES – Avoid timber and wood finishes and stick to laminates and engineered stone which are hygienic and easy to clean.


See project images below for more ideas on layout and finishes. Drop in or give us a call today to discuss how we can create a super functional laundry space for your home.


Ample bench space & storage

Excellent ventilation & durable surfaces

Space saving integrated appliances

Large laundry trough

Bi-fold laundry doors




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