Incorporating Marble Into Your Bathroom

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Marble is such an exciting material to work with due to it’s uniqueness. Because marble is a naturally occurring element, no piece of marble is the same as another. Incorporating marble into your bathroom provides a unique design that is decadently beautiful. Whether it is used on the floors, walls, bath or shower, the addition of marble will certainly increase the value of your bathroom. Here are some ways to incorporate the element into your bathroom.


Marble Basin

Nothing says opulence quite like a marble basin does. Having a custom made marble slab as your vanity or simply having a marble sink, is a great way to add the element into your bathroom. Here are some inspiration photos that we love.


The Altamarea Must bathroom sink and vanity


Marble Shower

If you’re looking to step up a level in the marble world, perhaps a marble shower is perfect for you. You could opt for an entirely marble shower which provides a cosy, distinctive look. But if this is too much for you, opting for a marble wall within the shower is a safer option.


Marble Flooring

Perhaps incorporating a marble flooring is the best option for your bathroom. There are plenty of varieties of marble tiles to choose from when designing your bathroom. Retreat Design can help you in the process of this, come visit us in the Showroom for some assistance.


Marble Countertop

One of the most simple ways to add marble to your bathroom is by having a marble countertop on your vanity. You can keep the regular cabinetry that you already have, and simply have a marble countertop installed on the vanity’s surface. This provides the luxury that marble exudes, while still being cost efficient and accessible.


Dalkeith Bathroom

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