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This year there were over 1200 submissions to the ADI Compassio d’Oro design award and Arrital’s AKB_08 cabinetry range came out in the top 50 with an honorable mention! This award is one of Italy’s most prestigious design awards and is growing in international recognition. The award is held in Milan where an international jury reviews submissions for their design quality.


This is truly a diverse award recognizing how great design enriches our every day lives. Sitting along side the likes of Boffi’s new tapware range, Eclipse, was a social enterprise project from a Milan University which aimed to engage disadvantaged sectors of the local community. The result was shared vege gardens, a portable pavilion space for creative events and a local TV channel to engage the over 65 and unemployed communities.


So when Arrital’s AKB_08 cabinetry range was given an honorable mention, the team here at Retreat Design was understandably impressed. Its not the first award for this cabinetry range, which also took out the Good Design Award in 2016.


The AKB_08 cabinetry range is the result of collaboration between several Italian designers and is designed to inspire the chef in us all. Highlights of the range include a patented lighting system to provide focused lighting over work spaces on the benchtop as well as aluminum framed doors that allow for a wide variety of slim lined door finishes, including Fenix and Corian.


The Italian’s yet again show the rest of the world they are purveyors of good design through the ADI Compassio d’Oro design award by rewarding design that enriches every day lives. We all know that when spaces and objects work to create internal and external harmony our interactions with the world and others is only improved for the better.









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