Introducing the AK_06 Kitchen by Arrital

Available exclusively through Retreat Design, the Arrital AK_06 is a contemporary kitchen design which combines planning flexibility, technology and new materials.

Designed by Franco Driusso, the AK_06 is the result of Italian supplier Arrital using their cutting edge manufacturing technologies to continually refine the handle-less door finish to create truly innovative door solutions.

Arrital has also used the AK_06 range to push the design envelope in regards to new types of kitchen finishes including Fenix Ntm® and thermostructured melamine with a wood effect and soft finish.

The AK_06 range will appeal to a wide range of clients as it is a very flexible in the way it can be adapted to a kitchen space. There are options for ultra-modern and more traditional design finishes to suit a range of interiors. Available in 8 different finishes, which include super matte melamine and Fenix Ntm®, there are a range of different design solutions possible.

Come and have a chat with one of our kitchen designers today to discuss how the AK_06 collection could be used in your kitchen space!

For more information, please visit the Arrital website here.


  • Matte finish on the AK_06 kitchen

  • The new Arrital AK_06 Kitchen

  • Arrital AK_06 Kitchen

  • Thermostructured Wood Finish

  • Fenix NTM finish on the AK_06 Kitchen
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