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Italian cabinetry

At Retreat Design we have worked hard over the years to ensure the Italian cabinetry manufacturers we have relationships with assist to provide the best quality kitchens and bathrooms for our Perth clients. Two of our five suppliers, Arrital and Altamarea, hold the exclusive Made in Italy badge. This badge is no small feat as the compliance requirements are extremely stringent.


Italian cabinetry manufacturing has historically been an artisan affair; custom designed furniture made from locally sourced products, hand crafted that will stand the test of time. Italian products are known worldwide as being elegant, luxurious and often hailed from famous industrial districts such as Milan.   As manufacturing practices in Italy have expanded over time, the expectation to meet this historical ethos of craftsmanship has become an important issue for the country. As a result, the Italian government introduced the “Made in Italy” badge with significant compliance requirement and penalties for companies breaching the regulations.


The 100% Made in Italy badge is a way to ensure that brands pitching to be “Made in Italy” truly do embrace the ethos of quality pieces that last an individuals lifetime. The 100% Made in Italy badge guarantees that Italian cabinetry provided by Retreat Design is:

  • Designed and manufactured wholly in Italy,
  • Made with quality natural materials,
  • Made following traditional working methods, and,
  • Made in observance of OHS requirements.


At Retreat Design we are committed to providing our clients with a quality product that will stand the test of time. We are really proud that our Italian cabinetry manufacturers, Arrital and Altamarea, have sought to ensure their products do hold the “Made in Italy” badge and that they value the brand to continue to go through the rigorous compliance process. If you want to find out more about what it means to be “Made in Italy”, click here or come in to our showroom at 307 Hay St Subiaco and chat to one of our experienced designers.

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