Kitchen Cabinetry Door Options

Kitchen cabinetry doors have come along way since the flat panel front with a handle of your choice. The technology has changed so dramatically in the last few years, choosing an emerging door option is a real way to add the wow factor to your new kitchen. At Retreat Design, we are the market leader in providing streamlined, handle-less cabinetry with high tech opening systems direct from Europe.

Generally when we talk about kitchen cabinetry, we are talking about three elements: carcasses, hardware and door fronts. There is always a price and quality range for all of these elements however because the technology is advancing so quickly, it is amazing how affordable a unique and beautiful door option has become.

At Retreat Design we have a variety of kitchen cabinetry door options available to meet every aesthetic, budget and functional requirement.


Kitchen Cabinetry Door Options

Generally we talk about door grooves falling into these different categories:

  • Flat panel with recessed carcass (straight edge door)

  • Step Handle profile on top of door edge

  • Up and Cover Up Handle with an aluminium profile

  • 30deg Chamfered profile on top door edge

  • 30deg Chamfered profile with aluminium built in strip



Flat Panel With Recessed Carcass

This is our entry level kitchen cabinetry door finish and comprises of a flat door front in your choice of finish with a recessed carcass. The recessed carcass means you get a streamlined hande-less door finish. The overall look is clean and simple, the price point is really affordable and you can have this kitchen cabinetry door option with just about any finish: lacquer, wood veneer, Fenix, laminate etc….

Step Handle Door With Aluminium Profile

Another handle-less option is using a strip of L shaped aluminium running the length of the top edge of the door front. Using an aluminium strip strengthens the top edge of the door front and protects it from knocks whilst also providing a unique and modern aesthetic. The aluminium comes in either  white, burnished black or natural finish.

Up and Cover-Up Handle Profile

Available for use with Arrital’s  AK_Project and AK_05 range, the Up handle is an extruded aluminium opening system which forms a groove handle at the top of the door. Available in various finishes and can be matched to the door material which is called the Cover-Up profile.

30deg Chamfered Profile

Cutting the top of the door edge at a 30 degree or 45 degree angle provides an instant finger pull on a kitchen cabinetry door. This is an easy way to get a handle-less streamlined finish whilst still being able to access the full range of door finishes from laminate to wood.

Using laser edged laminate with a chamfered top edge is a really affordable way to get a modern kitchen cabinetry finish without compromising on quality. At Retreat Design all our laminate doors are cut using laser technology which means a high efficiency laser is used to join the edges between the door face and the door edge resulting in a virtually invisible seam along the door edges. This is a much more refined looked than traditional ABS using glue and a knife!

30deg Chamfered Profile with Aluminium Strip

To strengthen the top edge of a chamfered door front, we can include an invisible aluminium profile that runs the length of the door edge. This means you get the simple clean lines of a door groove whilst also the piece of mind that your doors will stand up to knocks and heavy items dropping on them.



Regarding the door fronts, at Retreat Design we have a really wide range of finishes to cater to pretty much any design and budget, you can choose from:

  • Laminate,
  • Lacquered,
  • Oxidized lacquer,
  • Fenix,
  • Wood veneer,
  • Solid wood,
  • Glass,
  • Porcelain… you name it we can probably source it!


The benefit of engaging Retreat Design for your next cabinetry project is that we provide a local cabinet maker service but with benefits. We provide cabinetry with access to cutting edge European design and technology. Come in and chat to one of our experienced designers today about your next kitchen project or give us a call on 6101 1190.

30deg Chamfered Door Edge

Step Door Profile

Arrital Up Handle

AK_05 tailor made door with Cover Up handle

Arrital Up Door with champagne metal groove

Flat panel door

30deg chamfer with aluminium edge

Step Door profile

Effeti chamfered door grip

The Right Finishes For Your Kitchen

Chamfered edge door

Flat panel (straight edge) door

chamfered edge door

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