Kitchen Design Trends 2019

Less Is More

Streamlined and simple design will continue to be a kitchen design trend for 2019. Removing bold features such as bright splash-backs and de-cluttering work surfaces allows cabinetry to be the real hero of a kitchen space. The focus is on creating simple spaces where the timeless appeal of good quality cabinetry is allowed to shine.


The integration of appliances and pantries is a really effective way to de-clutter kitchen spaces. Integration provides a streamlined aesthetic and is starting to feature more and more in Australian kitchen design. The overall effect of integrating appliances and pantries into kitchen cabinetry is kitchen spaces that look like an extension of living room furniture.

Black Glorious Black

Black cabinetry made a statement in many of our completed kitchen projects for 2018 and this trend will continue into 2019 and beyond. There will be less focus on all white kitchen cabinetry. We expect more and more matt black cabinetry in the kitchen, softened with natural wood, greys and khaki and potentially a pop of colour for splashbacks and single cabinetry pieces. The most popular matt black cabinetry finish continues to be Fenix © which is effectively a “super laminate” boasting the benefit of being able to iron out scratches!!!

kitchen extension

Large Format Porcelain

Large format porcelain as an internal cladding option was one of the stand out features at Eurocucina last year and will continue to develop in popularity as a bench top, wall feature and cabinetry door front due to it’s hard wearing properties and vast array of colours and finishes. Due to the large size the pieces come in, clean lines may be created over an extended area assisting to achieve a minimal design aesthetic.

Its not just bench-tops and cabinetry doors where large format porcelain features, we are also seeing the kitchen sink take up this product with molded sinks lined with the same porcelain as the bench-top to create a truly slick and simple design aesthetic.


Industrial Converging With Mid Century Modern

The Australian love affair with industrial design and mid century modern design is un-abating. The kitchen design trend for 2019 is to emerge elements from both styles into a single space with a genuinely lovely effect.


Mid century modern traditionally features walnut and oak wood finishes with highlights of gold, marble, smoked glass and pops of lux colour such as olive and navy. Emerging kitchen design in 2019 features walnut and oak next to matt black cabinetry which would have traditionally been reserved for a pure industrial design. Similarly, open shelving which signals an industrial look is sitting next to smoked glass display cabinets. We are also seeing the pairing of multiple bench-top finishes such as a marble island against a concrete look stone bench-top from Caesarstone’s new Metropolitan collection.  Gold and other lux finishes are featuring in soft furnishings and lighting. The result is a refinement, softening and introduction of luxury into an otherwise raw and stark industrial space.

Kitchen Door Evolution

The evolution of the kitchen door is surprisingly interesting with big gains made in door technology over the years. Traditionally, kitchen cabinetry was comprised of a flat panel door with hinges on one side and a handle on the other side. This technology evolved to a recessed finger pull system which signaled the beginning of streamlined cabinetry finishes. Several years ago cabinetry technology moved on to a chamfered door edge, usually 45 degrees, which provided an extra layer of sophistication to the hande-less finish. Most recently, European cabinetry manufacturers have evolved the chamfered door edge to include an aluminum profile on the top edge of the door. This protects the weakest part of the door from knocks and dings when items fall on the cabinetry.


In-roads to sustainable design, technology and manufacturing practices are emerging and will continue to advance in the years to come. The recent focus on disposable fashion as un-sustainable will continue to garner momentum with consumers moving beyond fast fashion and towards ethically sourced and manufactured products. This awareness will extend into kitchen design with more and more consumers turning towards cabinetry sourced from sustainable forestry and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. Sustainable manufacturing practices and longevity of cabinetry will define the major players going beyond 2019.


Technology to Aid Simplicity

Appliance technology has stepped up a gear as brands continue to evolve the cooking experience. For example, Dutch company, PITT ©, recently released a range of fully integrated gas cook-tops where the individual hob units are positioned into a work surface to customised client requirements. The PITT © hobs include cutting edge technology to ensure minimal heat transfer to work surfaces.

Another cool appliance technology is pop up extractors that sit underneath a bench-top and “pop up” at the push of a button. Induction technology continues to gain popularity as the focus for using your kitchen continues around simplicity and efficiency. Induction is clean, easy to use and safe for budding chefs.


Fridges are also getting a re-vamp and leading the curve is LG’s ThinQ © very clever fridge! The ThinQ © fridge features a LCD display that with two knocks turns into a transparent window so that the user can check what’s in the fridge. This technology is ridiculously helpful for anyone with growing children who is relentlessly cut down by the after school mantra of “there’s nothing in the fridge”.



As international design trends continue to make headway into Australian homes, it’s important not to loose sight of the basic underlying principal of good kitchen design: functionality! A gorgeous kitchen is not going to bring pleasure and happiness if the functionality isn’t there.  The “working triangle” is still a staple for the designers here at Retreat Design as ensuring food preparation, storage and cooking areas work in cohort together is a fundamental to good kitchen design, independent of the desired design aesthetic.


We would love to chat to you about how we can create not only a functional kitchen for your space but also one that ticks all the boxes for the style and look you are trying to create. Come in to our showroom at 307 Hay St Subiaco or call 6101 1190 to chat to one of our experienced designers.

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