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One of the emerging products at this years Eurocucina 2018 was large format porcelain. Large format porcelain has really started to push through into the Perth market and we are really excited to see how creative applications of this product come to life.

Here, Neolith’s arctic white is used with stark effect to create a modern abode. Whether for commercial or residential projects, large format porcelain comes into it’s own as an exterior cladding application! Large format porcelain is completely fire retardant, scratch and stain resistant and has near-zero porosity.


The sheets come as thin as 6mm, making them relatively lightweight and easy to handle. To cover large areas, paneling systems are used. Installation is simple and involves adhering the sheets to the external surface either with a  metal substructure or using cement plaster.


Retreat Design is really excited to see how these products will continue to gain traction in interior design as large format porcelain may be used across all interior rooms. Using large format porcelain in bathrooms opens up the range of finishes and textures available to a designer whilst also having the functional benefit or reducing grout lines and being easy to clean and care for.


XLight by Porcelanosa is used here with dramatic yet simple effect. The composition of large format porcelain is wide ranging and here the clay has been mixed with a variety of materials to create a finish that looks like real marble, with out the price tag! Coupled with black window framing and furnishings, this bathroom provides a design forward finish that is also functional and completely livable.


Large format porcelain will continue to grow in it’s application in kitchen benchtops and surfaces not only because of it’s large format and variety of thicknesses but also because of it’s ability to mimic other products, including natural stone.


In this kitchen, Neolith’s Basalt Black and Estatuario has been used to clad the kitchen surfaces. The contrasting colours are dramatic but clever design has ensured the space remains warm and inviting. Creating clean lines with limited cuts and joins over an extended area is often a design goal, using large format porcelain creates opportunities for this over large areas.


Interior design in other rooms may also benefit from large format porcelain, paring it in a living room with simply cabineNeolith cabinetrytry can completely revolutionize the feel and functionality of the room. Living areas with great storage and stress free finishes create the perfect space to relax and enjoy family and friends.


At Retreat Design we are championing this versatile design forward product and are really keen to see some of our 2018 projects come to life where large format porcelain is used. We are lucky to be able to collaborate with some amazing WA businesses, including CDK Stone, when designing concepts for our clients and look forward to more exciting projects into the future. We would love to chat to you about how these products may be used in your next kitchen renovation or home improvement project, get in touch via email or on 6101 1190 or come and visit our showroom at 307 Hay St, Subiaco.

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