Laser edged laminate – what’s all the fuss?

laser edge laminate

For those in the market for a new kitchen you may have heard the term "laser edged laminate" bandied around. Kitchen cabinetry manufacturing technologies are continually evolving and the latest advancement in laminate door finishes is what's called laser edging. This is where a high efficiency laser is used to join the edges between the door face and the door edge. The result is is a virtually invisible seam along the door edges.

It may not sound all that remarkable but this is a great advancement for kitchen cabinetry manufacturing. Historical methods such as ABS edging resulted in a visible line around the door edge. ABS edging is a dated technology whereby a thin strip of laminate is glued around the frame of the door and cut off with a knife. Obviously, the result is far less superior than using laser cutting technology.

Another dated technology is the use of vinyl wrap on kitchen doors. This technology was originally introduced to reduce the visible lines on the edges of doors. However, vinyl wrap technology hasn't stood the test of time and the finish has been found to warp and tear.

The door finish is often the deal breaker for people researching kitchen cabinetry as it is critic to the longevity and overall aesthetic of the kitchen. Many people choose laminate due to it's affordability and accessibility. Laminate is also available in a wide range or colours and is highly versatile.

A good quality kitchen cabinetry door will ensure your new kitchen looks just as new in 5 years and in 10 years and beyond. When doing your research be sure to ask if the laminate doors are laser edged. At Retreat Design we have examples of all kinds of door finishes in our Subiaco showroom. Come in and we can show you exactly what a laser edged door finish looks like.

laser edge laminate

laser edge laminate

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