How To Maximise Space In The Kitchen

maximise kitchen space

Homes with smaller than desired kitchens come with a range of natural restrictions you have to deal with. Nevertheless, smaller kitchens can be renovated in creative ways to maximise functionality and capitalise on the available space.

Here’s our top tips for renovating a small kitchen:



Knock Down a Wall

The most obvious solution when you have a tiny kitchen is to knock down the walls. Before you do this, speak with a qualified professional. You don’t want to hit a load bearing wall and find the whole house crumbling in on itself. At Retreat Design we have builders and engineers on hand to provide you with expert advice on what you can and can’t do with your existing house structure.

Be Clever With The Configuration

When space is at a premium, you need to think carefully about the layout of the kitchen and eliminate features such as an island bench. A u-shaped or galley style kitchen can be a better use of space by using the available walls for cabinetry.

Use The Overhead Space

Overhead cabinetry to the ceiling is a great way to add extra storage and items which are rarely used can be stored up high rather than taking up valuable drawer space below the bench.

Incorporate Cabinetry Accessories

Consider which internal cabinetry accessories would help with your daily routine. Pull-out baskets inside the pantry allow for better organisation and a clearer view of where things are. Dividers, cutlery trays and drawer organisers are great additions to any kitchen. Thankfully, at Retreat Design, we have access to cutting edge cabinetry hardware technology. This means hard to reach cavities can be made accessible with rotating drawers and heavy duty hinges which can ensure doors don’t hinder access to drawers.

Space Saving Accessories

Sinks with accessories such as drainer trays and chopping boards which can be placed over your sink help free up bench space for preparation.

Choose Compact Appliances

Avoid over-the-top extra large appliances and opt for smaller size dishwashers (if essential), compact ovens and integrate the microwave into the cabinetry rather than sitting on top of the bench.

Colour Considerations

Bold colours in a small kitchen aren’t a good idea. It will only add an unnecessary layer of complexity to the aesthetic appeal. Go for white which will create a sense of space by adding reflection from the light.

Select The Right Lighting

Where possible, use the natural light and allow for windows to brighten up the space. In addition to this, choosing lighting wisely with down lights, feature lights and cabinetry lighting can help to open up dark & dingy spaces.


Internal cabinetry accessories to keep everything organised

Le Mans corner storage system with rotating shelf

Artinox Layer Sink with integrated chopping board & drainer

Under bench waste systems help keep the rubbish out of sight and well organised.

Integrated appliances hidden by cabinetry

Clever cabinetry accessories & hinges

Full height cabinetry with pantry system



For more ways to capitalise on your available kitchen space, give us a call today on (08) 6101 1190 or drop in to our showroom at 307 Hay St, Subiaco.

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