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modo bathroom collection

Altamarea’s gorgeous Modo collection has just undergone a re-vamp to make it an even more contemporary and versatile bathroom collection. The Modo bathroom cabinetry collection offers a wide range of innovative product features like customised make up vanity units, vanity dividers, integrated laundry baskets and open vertical wall units.


Take the door opening systems as a case in point, the Modo bathroom collection now offers five options. Choose from:

  • A traditional push pull mechanism,
  • A curved groove,
  • A flat groove with a step aluminum profile on the door edge,
  • A 30% laser edged mitred door, or,
  • Your classic handled finish.
modo flat groove

modo flat groove

Couple this with a  unique set of vanity top options and you have a truly well thought out bathroom collection. The usual Silestone, Corian, marble and Laminate remain as vanity top options however there are a few unique additions. For example, there is now the option for a “Vassoio” top which incorporates sides and a splashback in the one piece, providing a clean modern look.

modo bathroom vanity

modo bathroom vanity

The design of the Modo bathroom collection is enhanced by a bold range of textured finishes and materials. Metal legs are coupled with contrasting colours on the inside and outside of open shelving which sit along side a multitude of undermounted and above counter sink options. Cabinetry finishes range from laminate to oxidized lacquers to wood veneers. Perimeter lighting on mirrors and a wide range of cabinetry function and size options ensure this collection is highly versatile.

modo bathroom vanity

modo bathroom vanity

One particularly lovely feature is the stand alone vanity table which is specifically designed to house make up and care products with a flap door, individual compartments within the vanity and a sophisticated Vassoio top.

modo make up

modo make up

Altamarea’s Modo bathroom collection is a popular option with the team at Retreat Design as it offers a wide range of progressive finishes coupled with clever design ideas. We have completed several bathroom renovations in Perth this year utilizing the Modo bathroom collection to create the right design aesthetic for our clients and look forward to the end result of several more projects before the year end.

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