Moving Away From Modular Cabinetry

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Retreat Design prides itself on the ability to custom make kitchen components to suit your unique space.


Whilst Ikea, Bunnings and other imported flat pack cabinetry suppliers are limited to modular sizes, our manufacturing partners can custom make any size cabinets that need to be produced to create your dream kitchen.

With modular cabinetry suppliers, you have to stick to standard cabinet sizing which causes voids and then requires fillers to be used to hide any unused space. The design of the kitchen becomes less functional as space is wasted or under utilised.


Here at Retreat Design we find that by custom designing our kitchens we can achieve the best possible result for our clients. A project is carefully planned from start to finish and there are less hiccups along the way of the project as the design is personalised to your interior. Modular cabinetry is also limited to certain design finishes and does not offer the design scope that our Italian made cabinetry can offer.

A common misconception is that custom made cabinetry is more expensive, however by selecting the right finishes for your project we can achieve a result for any budget.

Generally speaking cabinet sizes come in 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 900mm, and 1200mm lengths however we can tailor make our cabinetry to suit any size that’s required.


The benefit of selecting a cabinetry supplier such as Retreat Design is that you are not hamstrung by any limitations and there is a wider scope of design choices available. You can also be rest assured that by choosing to go with a custom kitchen supplier, your project will be handled by experts throughout the entirety of the job.

For a chat with one of our designers, drop in to our showroom at 156 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park or take a read of our blog post on imported cabinetry here.


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