New! Ribbed Aluminium Finishes – Nautila

Introducing an exciting new product line from Arrital. The Thick Veneered Line with Regular Milling from the Nautila collection. The archetype of perfection which breathes life into a new form of harmony: Nautila.


The core of the collection is the door characterised by a ribbed aluminium support (16mm thick), a material renowned for its technical properties which adds high performance in terms of stability and lightness. These features allow the use of large doors without compromising the opening mechanisms and ensuring long-lasting durability



Choose from a wide variety of colour finishes and incorporate this look into your next renovation with Retreat Design. Choose them as your door finishes for a bold look, or opt for the look on your island backsplash for a more subtle, eye catching option.

With Nautila, Arrital’s furnishing proposal goes beyond the idea of kitchen environment and becomes part of the architectural project, making use of a highly innovative power of expression. An evolution made possible by the combination of design and technology, where high-performance materials result in a multitasking architecture featuring sculptural shapes.

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