Introducing the Opera Collection by Altamarea

Introducing the luxe new Opera collection by Altamarea Italy. Designed by Willy Dalto & Antonella di Nuzzo from Imago Design, we are very excited to have this brand new bathroom collection on display in our showroom.

Inspired by the Scandinavian sideboard of the fifties and sixties, the sleek cabinetry is characterised by aluminium extruded handles in finishes such as copper and brass. Material choices such as marble, oak, Fenix NTM® and lacquer mean there are endless possibilities with colour and finish making this a standout bathroom piece. An entire range of accessories to complement the vanity includes towel rails, mirrors, lamps and object trays.

Here at Retreat Design we have the sophisticated marble, copper and oxidised lacquer finish Opera on display. The quality and craftsmanship of this product is truly unique with a style that’s sure to make an impact!



Luxurious material choices such as marble, copper and oxidised lacquer are available

Opera Collection

Accessories including mirrors, towel rails, object trays and shelves complement the Opera range

opera collection

Wood veneer and a black basin are a winning combo


The all black Fenix NTM vanity




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