Top 4 Tips for Integrating a Laundry and Bathroom


Integrating a Laundry into a Bathroom – Our Top 4 Tips!


Integrating a laundry into a bathroom is an easy way to optimise the space in your home. Thanks to modern technology and our design tips, you can create a dual-purpose space that seamlessly blends function and design. We have curated 4 of our best tips to master the art of combining your laundry and bathroom into one.



The simplest way to combine the two functions of a laundry and bathroom is by integrating your appliances. Concealing your laundry appliances behind cabinetry optimises the space whilst providing a sleek finish.

One product we love at Retreat Design is the Birex Idrobox. The Birex Idrobox is a multifaceted system that allows you to create diverse solutions for washing, drying and ironing. See photos below to see how the Birex Idrobox functions















Another way to maximise the space in your bathroom/laundry is by utilising hidden storage units. A hidden laundry basket concealed by cabinetry makes the laundry basket more accessible, cross-functional and longer lasting.

Another addition to hidden storage that could benefit your home is the use of hidden hanging rails. Hidden hanging rails can be concealed behind doors or under cabinetry. These rails provide multi-functional uses and can hang a range of materials from clothing to cleaning products.




When integrating a laundry into a bathroom, you will need to optimise the floor space. One way to do this is through disappearing doors. These are doors that once opened, can be tucked into the sides of their cabinets. To see an example, view the images below. Having disappearing doors avoids them taking up floor space when opened. Allowing you to use the space in more efficient ways.



Combining a laundry into a bathroom doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design. Creating an aesthetic laundry/bathroom can be done with ease. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom/laundry, Retreat Design can help out with just that. To get some inspiration, view some of our previous renovations in the portfolio section of our website!


To learn more about renovating your bathroom, contact us via the details provided on our website, or come visit us in the showroom!

















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