Petria Field | 5 Simplified Styling Tips

5 Simplified Styling Tips – By Petria Field of Coco Rose Interiors


I often think when it comes to styling, most people think too much. Sometimes styling a room is simply just feeling. If it feels good or makes you happy, then usually it’s the right place for your piece. Sometime you need to design dive right in!


Here are My Top 5 styling tips for an easy, simplified approach to achieving the perfect look.


  1. Less is more – you don’t want to overwhelm  the senses.  If you begin with a clean and neutral base and gradually add your unique statement pieces, you’ll eventually come to a point where the room feels complete without each piece competing for the spotlight.


  1. Use walls as a canvas – It’s often overlooked as a style space, yet here you can be at your most creative! I am a big fan of removable wallpaper,  shelving, gallery walls and large art pieces.


  1. Lighting – An absolute essential and can have a huge impact on the design of your room not to mention your mood, health and electricity bills. For a contemporary studio feel use bright white lights against vivid Art Deco. Dimmed lighting in colonial style homes for that warm cosy feel and my personal favourite a Natural light from mother nature to achieve an airy, light, fresh tropical or coastal feel.


  1. One of my favourite use for low cost accessories is to add lush green plants. They give the room a sense of life and freshness that is hard to achieve with a manufactured piece. Plants instantly attract the eye, calm the soul and bring a peacefulness to any room.


  1. Invest in handmade – I’m talking about those one off unique products that you just can’t find anywhere else. They may be in a higher price bracket as your IKEA bargain bin but certainly worth the investment for an item that you absolutely love and will hold onto forever. Handcrafted items are generally high quality eco-friendly pieces, producing less waste in production and encourage less consumption as they will last through generations of use.


Blog post courtesy of Petria Field, owner of Coco Rose Interiors.  Petria aims to  inspire people to design their homes and live their lives in a more natural and eco friendly way.  Coco Rose Interiors is a testament to that, sourcing all natural, handmade products and demonstrating how to incorporate pieces into your home. Find more inspiration from Petria here!


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