PITT Cooking Integrated Gas Burners

Pitt Cooktop Burner

We love the innovative look of the PITT integrated cooktop burners which can be installed in to almost any benchtop. Handmade in Holland, the black cast iron burners can be arranged in a variety of configurations with the end result being a seamless, fashion forward finish. The layout of this cooking setup really allows the benchtop material to shine without compromising on functionality. Thanks to the substantial distance between burners you will now always have enough space for your pots and pans. We love how PITT have reinvented the gas cooktop and can’t wait to use these in our kitchen design projects.


Some of the features & benefits of these gas hobs include:

  • Robust cast iron grates
  • Integrated gas cooking system
  • A selection of burners: from low to powerful, high flame
  • Substantial distance between burners
  • Applicable to any favourite countertop material selected
  • 30% more powerful than traditional models, thanks to the design’s improved airflow
  • Whilst the elements are fixed to the bench, there is minimal transfer of heat. This means the burners won’t damage the bench, nor will the benchtop be heated enough to pose any danger
  • Safe and certified
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Made by hand in the Netherlands


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