Quinns Rock – Kitchen

Quinns Rock – Kitchen

We love it when a client pushes the design direction of a project. The essence of this project is where kitchen design is going, to create more integration with general living spaces. By hiding and integrating traditional kitchen products, the end result is furniture in a living space rather than cabinetry and appliances.

Products Used

  • Arrital kitchen cabinetry in matt black and high gloss white glass doors. The door finish is a panelled door with a single pane of 2mm glass, available exclusively to Retreat Design.
  • 4mm thick stainless steel bench top hidden under the sliding table with pressed Barazza sink and flush mounted hotplate
  • Barazza appliances and sink with integrated fridges
  • Slide out table in stainless steel for food preparation, hidden in the retractable pantry

Standout Feature

The retractable sliding table that hides the hotplate and sink with a telescopic pop up tap completes the look