Powder Room Envy – making a statement out of an understated room

powder room inspo

Although an essential room in the house, powder rooms rarely get the kudos they deserve. They are the one room, with the exception of your living space, most visitors will encounter, so why not create some dinner time banter?


The obvious solution to creating conversation starting spaces is the use of colour. As the powder room often stands alone in an out of the way part of the house, this is usually a very real possibility. You can paint a wall to play it safe, or choose a fixture in a bold, crazy colour. Featured below is a coloured corian basin that is part of Karol’s KS collection.

powder room inspo

Alternatively, you could go completely over the top with a baroque style handcrafted vanity with black lace insert. Not for everyone, it would definitely cause a stir at your next dinner party.

powder room inspo

My best advice though, is to use unique fixtures and fittings that play on the available space to create a calm oasis of luxury.

powder room inspo

Over the years, we have created a mired of different powder rooms from our clients. We are yet to install a a gold leafed vanity, like the one available through Altamarea’s Shan Deco collection. However, we do work tirelessly with out clients to meet their design objectives and have access to a wide range of vanity options, from the jaw dropping crazy to the paired back refined!

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