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Mount Lawley new kitchen

Another 2018 example of Black Fenix cabinetry being used to great effect for this extensive whole house renovation! For this renovation in Mount Lawley a combination of white laminate, walnut effect laminate and black Fenix © were used to create contrast and drama in the kitchen area.

whole house renovation

Arrital’s walnut effect laminate has been a popular door finish this year! It is very competitively priced and has come up beautifully on all the projects it has featured. The walnut colour assists to soften an area when used in the same space as black Fenix cabinetry. To further soften this kitchen area, Caesarstone’s rugged concrete was used on the breakfast bar providing a gray backdrop for the rest of the kitchen.



Retreat Design provided the cabinetry for all areas of this whole house renovation, including study nooks and an outdoor BBQ area. The  cabinetry pricing was kept competitive through the use of white laminate cabinetry coupled with feature cabinetry to higher specification in areas such as the kitchen.

outdoor BBQ cabinetry

We would love to chat to you in 2019 about your next renovation and/or cabinetry project, come and visit us at 307 Hay St, Subiaco.

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