AK Project


Looking for a truly flexible kitchen design? Look no further than Arrital’s new AK_Project kitchen cabinetry range. This kitchen cabinetry range is 100% Made in Italy whilst also offering genuinely affordable luxury kitchen cabinetry.


Within the AK_Project kitchen cabinetry range, there are 6 different door front options:

  • Flat panel with recessed carcass
  • L shape profile on top door edge
  • Chamfered profile on top door edge
  • Chamfered profile with aluminum built in strip
  • Flat panel with recessed handle
  • Flat panel with extruding handle


There is huge flexibility within the door finishes available as well. The entry level laser cut laminate door front is still very popular and provides a really affordable luxury kitchen cabinetry option. The AK_Project range also offers:

  • lacquer,
  • Metallic lacquer,
  • Fenix NTM and NTA ©,
  • wood veneer,
  • HPL laminate,
  • stainless steel,
  • glass, and,
  • laminate wood.

The internal drawer features are vast as are the quirky features such as retractable doors, lit glass open shelving and molded stainless steel benchtops.

Affordable Luxury Kitchen Cabinetry

Offering such a wide range of door fronts and finishes within the one cabinetry range provides a really affordable price ladder. You can achieve a really affordable luxury kitchen using a laminate flat panel door but with all the benefits of Italian quality and timeless appeal. On the other hand, you can finish a wood veneer door with a chamfered edge and aluminum built strip for true Italian luxury. The versatility of Arrital’s AK_Project collection means that this kitchen cabinetry range can cater for any budget and functional requirement.  This affordable luxury kitchen cabinetry range really suits the current Perth market where people are looking for value for money as well as a point of difference.


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