Rethinking Our Homes Post Covid

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If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that our home is our sanctuary and a place where we hope to be safe and comforted from the outside world. With this new way of living, it has us wondering how we will ‘rethink home design’ in the future.

The team at Retreat Design has certainly seen an influx of clients in the past few weeks who are keen to renovate their kitchen and dining areas as we emerge from lockdown.

Here’s our thoughts on the changing elements of home design going forward:


  • Connection between indoor and outdoor living with extra ventilation and natural light

It goes without saying that as we have isolated in our homes we have longed for a connection with the outside world. The need for a private garden and outdoor space has never seemed so relevant with the health benefits of sunshine, ventilation and natural light an added extra.


  • Greater separation between home office space and open plan living

Working from home and home schooling, whilst a temporary measure, has made us realise that amongst our love for open-plan living we also require a space for serious business. A space that can be closed off for privacy is essential for the home office. Multiple areas for home office and study are also in demand as more than one family member adapts to working from home.


  • Better organisation of space and increased storage

Goodbye clutter! It’s a known fact that a clean and tidy house equals a calmer environment so with greater family members at home, better storage solutions are required.


  • A new focus on materials with increased demand for hygienic and low VOC materials.

Clean freaks rejoice! It is now imperative that we use naturally hygienic materials such as stainless steel and Fenix NTM for surfaces to help eliminate the build up of germs. Sustainable materials and a move from ‘throw away consumer culture’ will also see home owners investing in smarter finishes for their homes.


  • Incorporating spaces such as the ‘mudroom’ and ‘drop zone’

These clever little rooms are designed for taking off shoes & bags, dropping laundry and washing hands prior to entering the living space. An excellent addition to the home when considering cleanliness.


  • Incorporating home gyms and exercise stations 

As more people choose to exercise in the comfort of their own home, we are seeing an increased demand for spaces such as pilates and weights rooms and interchangeable study/home gyms.



Here at Retreat Design, our hopes for the future of home design is ultimate liveability with ease of maintenance and the use of greater sustainable principles.

Lucky for us, we have some talented interior designers who can work their magic on your plans and incorporate our quality cabinetry into your next project.


For more thoughts on how our homes will change post pandemic, have a read of this great article here:




Rethinking our homes post Covid-19

Rethinking our homes post Covid-19

Connection between indoor & outdoor living

Connection between indoor & outdoor living

Connection between indoor & outdoor living at our Lake Monger project

Connection between indoor & outdoor living at our Lake Monger project

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