Retreat Design’s Tips For Moving House

Moving homes can be an exciting time in one’s life. But it doesn’t come without its stresses. To help our clients out, we’ve curated our best advice for making the move run smoothly.


Make a Checklist.

There are so many things that need to be done before, during and after a move. Creating a checklist may seem cliche, but it works. Writing or typing down everything you need to do commits it to memory and ensures you won’t forget anything.

Some things to put on your checklist could include:

  • Transferring your utilities (Gas, electricity, water etc.)
  • Updating your address/mail forwarding services
  • Organising cleaners/movers
  • Or any other task you deem necessary


Set Your Budget

Moving can be expensive, setting a budget can help you save money. This way you can figure out whether you can afford a full-service move, or whether you need to make it a DIY move.


Hire a Mover

If it fits into your budget, hiring a professional mover will make the process so much easier. Start by getting quotes from various companies to see who will give you the best price. Getting referrals from friends and family are also a great way to find a good mover.

If hiring a mover is not within your budget, we reccomend hiring a van to help move the big bulky items.



The most time consuming part of moving house is the packing. Going in with a plan will make the process less stressful and more efficient. Here are some of our favourite packing tips.

  • Declutter! Begin by purging all items you no longer need, that way you won’t be bringing them into the new house
  • Pack an essentials bag: This bag will include things that you’ll need to access during and right after your move. Think toothbrush, chargers, medication, a change of clothes.
  • Leave clothes on the hangers and transfer them directly to the new house
  • Colour code or label your boxes


On The Day

If you have a plan walking into the moving day, your move will run much smoother. Make a plan for the kids and any pets you have. Children will become bored moving all day while the pets will get stressed out from all the commotion. Save yourself the stress by organising alternative arrangements for them.


Stay hydrated and eat well. Pack a grab-and-go lunch box for the day that you can take on the move. It’s most likely going to be a big day so you’ll need to stay energised!


And finally, ensure you finish packing a least the day before. Moving day will be busy enough, so start early and be done before the movers arrive.



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