Should you be adding a Butler’s pantry into your kitchen renovation?

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Firstly developed in the early 1900’s, the butler’s pantry acts as a buffer between the kitchen and dining room and was originally created as a space where the butler of the house can store, prepare food and keep precious crockery safe.

Today a butler’s pantry is a luxury addition to the home which acts as an extra space for food preparation, storage and the perfect place to hide used dishes and mess whilst having guests over. It’s an addition that most homeowners would love to have in their home as it screams luxury and with the right design makes the kitchen truly set the home apart form others.

Here are our top 4 reasons for why we are all for a butler’s pantry in the home;



If you love the look of a minimal and clean kitchen, storing your appliances away in the butlers pantry is perfect way to achieve that. Things like storing your microwave, toaster, kettle, smoothie and so forth allows you to have much more space in the kitchen to use, while keeping the main kitchen area looking clean and sleek.



If you’re a storage fanatic like us then this is one of the best reasons for incorporating a butlers pantry into your home. The space acts as another mini kitchen to store all of those things you don’t quite use as often such as special crockery, appliances and groceries.



When designing a kitchen, functionality is always at the forefront of our mind. Having a functional space is one that adds value to your home, makes cooking a better experience and can be what sets your kitchen apart from other homes.

Adding in a dishwasher and rubbish bin into your butlers pantry means clearing a large chunk of space in the main kitchen making that area more functional and spacious when cooking and cleaning.



We love to entertain and that’s why whenever we design a kitchen a butlers pantry is always brought up as a design aspect. If your lifestyle revolves around entertaining, large family gatherings, lots of cooking then this one is for you!


With the added space it means there is so much more room to use the kitchen as a dining space, a space for family and friends to gather round when cooking, showcasing platters and more all on the kitchen bench top. Having majority of your goods stored away means all of this open space can be used for entertaining purposes and we couldn’t love that more!

Contact us to see how we can incorporate a butlers pantry into your home!


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