Sub-Zero refrigerators gotta love those Hinges


At only 600mm deep it builds in flush to the kitchen cabinets but because of the width the capacity is the biggest you can buy in a single side by side fridge unit. Two motors mean the refrigerator and freezer temperature control are completely separate so the fridge stays relatively moist so veges and dairy don’t dry out and we find taste transfer is minimized. Energy use is down too but it recovers temperature quickly when you load it up. We find that food last longer and in better condition in our Sub Zero than we experience with other refrigerators. One of the best features is the dairy compartment which is air tight so your cheese does not dry out!


You need to be diligent and clean the condenser coil twice a year with the vacuum (simple enough with the compressor units at the top behind the grille). This is a quiet but not silent fridge.


We love to entertain so the space is a real boon! Sub Zero unquestionably make the best quality refrigeration for residential use by a wide margin. So well designed and made with huge capacity there is no need to consider commercial units or put up with flimsy normal domestic or low power European models. We have had a great run with ours already nearly 18 years old but still looks and runs like new. If you can afford one you won’t be sorry.



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