Sunlit Days by Silestone®

Silestone Sunlit Days

Silestone® by Cosentino, the leading global hybrid mineral surface for the world of architecture and design, presents Sunlit Days, the first carbon neutral collection in the quartz surfaces and engineered stone industry.

To reach this new milestone in the industry, Cosentino commits to offsetting the CO² emissions of the entire life cycle of the Silestone® Sunlit Days series. To this end, the company relies on different voluntary offsetting projects, duly certified and in the framework of the Voluntary Carbon Market. This initiative is also complemented by a partnership programme for the preservation of the seabed.



Sunlit Days

Sunlit Days is a collection of five colours inspired by the Mediterranean, the connection with nature and, above all, colour, the distinguishing feature that has made Silestone® a distinctive leader in the industry since its inception. Sunlit Days is a journey through light and colour, with a fresh style and Mediterranean tones, inspired by human values and simple and profound ways of living.

We are excited to use this new collection in our kitchen and bathroom designs and see this as a great product for introducing a contemporary colour splash into your interior. Samples will be arriving in to our Shenton Park showroom this week.


The 5 Colour Choices:


Faro White, the white of the Mediterranean

Faro White represents the white of the Mediterranean and its sun-drenched walls, symbolising purity, simplicity and serenity. Inspired by the lighthouses that point the way for ships, this colour is also characterised by a silky, smooth texture. Faro White is a hymn for life loving people.

Silestone Sunlit Days Faro White

Silestone Sunlit Days Faro White bathroom benchtop





















Cincel Grey, a balance between warm and cool

Cincel Grey is a fine-grained, silky grey, a shade that performs at its best when bathed in light. It is neutral and versatile, balanced between warm and cool. Its soft texture is captivating.

Silestone Cincel Grey kitchen benchtop

Silestone Cincel Grey kitchen benchtop




















Arcilla Red, an earthy red that breathes fire and smells of petrichor

The Mediterranean breathes fire, and blood seems to flow in some parts of its geography. This is just what Arcilla Red is, an earthy red shade that makes you fall in love, tastes like wine and smells of petrichor. Essence, burst of colour, strength, passion and a lot of character. Its soft texture blends harmoniously with its beauty.

Silestone_Sunlit Days Arcilla Red Powder Room benchtop

Silestone Sunlit Days Arcilla Red Powder Room benchtop



















Cala Blue, a vibrant deep blue

Talking about the Mediterranean means talking about the sea, its breeze, its vastness and its infinite horizon. Cala Blue is a deep and sophisticated blue colour that vibrates with the rest of the elements that surround it. Its texture feels like the caress of the sea.

Silestone Sunlit Days Cala Blue_Bathroom

Silestone Sunlit Days Cala Blue Bathroom


















Posidonia Green, a natural green where time stands still

The treasure of the Mediterranean Sea gives its name to this green colour that conveys the beauty of the Posidonia meadows. Energy, joy and nature come together in this proposal ready to surprise, ready to hypnotise. Its soft and delicate texture is complemented by this harmonious shade, ready to conquer.

Silestone Sunlit Days Posidonia Green kitchen

Silestone Sunlit Days Posidonia Green kitchen benchtop
















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