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system cabinetry

Dall’Agnese’s Speed cabinetry range recently received a re-fresh and the result is gorgeous! This system cabinetry range provides flexible solutions for any living space with the attention to detail you would expect from Italian cabinetry.

system cabinetry


The  range features modular hanging and wall based units in a wide variety of finishes and features. The features of the Speed cabinetry range include:

  • Metal groove handle mounted to the cabinetry panel in a range of luxury finishes such as bronzed metallic,
  • Horizontal and vertical grip profiles,
  • open wall units may be coupled with more traditional cupboards and drawer units,
  • LEDs and glass fronted doors to showcase items,
  • A vast variety of cabinetry and benchtop finishes.

The technical details and wide variety of options available within this system cabinetry range creates huge design flexibility.

system cabinetry

The cabinetry finishes are becoming more and more technically creative meaning traditional laminate and wood veneer may be coupled with options such as nickel, leather effect, bronze, terracotta resin and laminam ©.

system cabinetry

A particularly special feature of this range is the stackable bookcase units for the book lovers in many of us! Imagine floor to ceiling grids of book shelving coupled with feature open units for those of use who can get lost for days in books and the worlds they help us create?

book case





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