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Floreat Kitchen Joy | Making Memories

In many family homes the evening meal is created whilst homework is being done, kids are de-briefing on their day and balls are being kicked indoors with the faint shrill of “take that outside” heard over the din. Adding a neighbourhood friend that drops by will create even more happy chaos. So the kitchen really [...]

Laser edged laminate – what’s all the fuss?

For those in the market for a new kitchen you may have heard the term "laser edged laminate" bandied around. Kitchen cabinetry manufacturing technologies are continually evolving and the latest advancement in laminate door finishes is what's called laser edging. This is where a high efficiency laser is used to join the edges between the [...]

5 ways to design a more cost effective kitchen

When you’re planning a kitchen renovation the quoting stage can be an eye-opening experience. Whilst most cabinet makers would prefer you not to make shortcuts, we are going to share with you some of our insider secrets! Here’s our top 5 ways to reduce your kitchen cabinetry costs. Cabinetry finish: our entry level kitchen ranges in laminate [...]


More affordable than you would imagine, the Slim living room cabinetry range provides a perfect balance of functional storage with Italian design flare for your lounge room. This cabinetry range can be made as self standing or suspended with hanging wall units and open book shelves for an added design aesthetic.

Walk in robes

Are you looking for walk in wardrobe cabinetry but are concerned you won’t be able to afford the Italian made stuff? Dall’agense’s walk in wardrobe cabinetry provides affordable organised luxury! Coupled with standard shelves and drawers, you can also accessorize with trouser racks, linen baskets, tie racks and shoe racks. Ask one of the Retreat [...]

Door fronted Wardrobes

The Emotion wardrobe collection also comes in a door fronted option which is super flexible. There are 9 different door finishes available, coupled with 8 types of handles and accessory furniture such as desk units and sets of drawers. The 22-25 mm doors are heavy-duty for superior function and durability.


The Xbox range is as the name suggests, a cabinetry range that can be used for a mired of purposes, modular, stackable and extremely versatile, this laundry cabinetry range is perfect for any laundry design.


The Idrobox range offers modular laundry furniture that can satisfy all your needs in a multi-faceted design that is perfect for small spaces and includes options for items such as ironing boards and clothes racks.

Acqua e Sapone

The water and soap laundry collection is designed for tight spaces. Italian’s often work to tigher space requirements than Aussie’s and are extremely clever at space saving solutions. Check out the Acqua e Sapone laundry collection for your next laundry renovation.


Are you a little tight for space in your small bathroom? If so, the KO8 is the perfect small bathroom cabinetry solution. The AK08 features reduced depth cabinetry and rounded corners to make the most of compact spaces. Available in a range of finishes, KO8 is the perfect answer for those looking for a beautifully [...]


The Aria bathroom collection has a slightly Nordic quality coupled with cutting edge door finishes such as Micromalta, varnished metal and oak wood. If you are keen on a clean finish, this bathroom collection offers integrated sinks into the tops utilizing products such as Koral and Kerlite for ease of wiping down and keeping clean.

Gradi 360

If you are looking for a bathroom collection that allows you to access the most cutting edge materials, such as Kerlite, Fenix, Koral, varnished glass cladding and even slabs of parquet flooring as door fronts, the 360Gradi is the perfect bathroom cabinetry collection for you. 360Gradi features a 45 degree mitred door edge for a [...]