South Fremantle – Bathroom

This impressive 1800 sqm residence in South Fremantle includes a main house with kitchen, bathrooms, ensuite, laundry and living room cabinetry. A guesthouse at the back is well equipped with a second kitchen, office, bathrooms and rooftop terrace to take in views over the Port city. Working directly with the client, Retreat Design supplied a [...]

Range Review | Effeti E0 Kitchen Cabinetry

Effeti kitchen cabinetry really does epitomize Italian design style. Effeti kitchen cabinetry is made in a small manufacturing plant in Tuscany by a team of dedicated designers and furniture makers, they are purists at what they do and it really shows in what they produce.   One of Effeti’s latest kitchen cabinetry ranges is the [...]

Italian Kitchen Cabinetry | Effeti’s Luce

Effeti’s Luce Italian kitchen cabinetry range has been one of the staple cabinetry offerings here at Retreat Design for over 10 years and is hard wearing, versatile and 100% Made in Italy.   The Luce kitchen cabinetry range is characterized by a low profile aluminum handle that runs either horizontally or vertically along the length [...]


The Speed cabinetry range can be tailor made to suit any living room space and provides flexible solutions for extra tall bookshelves for the book lovers amongst us. A pop of colour can be added by including coloured back panels. Alternatively an elegant living room can be created through the use of black American walnut [...]


More affordable than you would imagine, the Slim living room cabinetry range provides a perfect balance of functional storage with Italian design flare for your lounge room. This cabinetry range can be made as self standing or suspended with hanging wall units and open book shelves for an added design aesthetic.

Walk in robes

Are you looking for walk in wardrobe cabinetry but are concerned you won’t be able to afford the Italian made stuff? Dall’agense’s walk in wardrobe cabinetry provides affordable organised luxury! Coupled with standard shelves and drawers, you can also accessorize with trouser racks, linen baskets, tie racks and shoe racks. Ask one of the Retreat [...]

Sliding Wardrobes

The Emotion range is a free standing sliding door wardrobe furniture collection designed to be as flexible as you require. There are a range of materials and colours to choose from; matt and glossy lacquer, oak, black American walnut, heat treated oak to name a few. Considering a sliding door wardrobe is a great idea [...]


The Xbox range is as the name suggests, a cabinetry range that can be used for a mired of purposes, modular, stackable and extremely versatile, this laundry cabinetry range is perfect for any laundry design.


The BK2 features a bevelled 45 degree edge on the drawers which creates a handless finish and a clean and elegant bathroom vanity collection.


The Idrobox range offers modular laundry furniture that can satisfy all your needs in a multi-faceted design that is perfect for small spaces and includes options for items such as ironing boards and clothes racks.

Acqua e Sapone

The water and soap laundry collection is designed for tight spaces. Italian’s often work to tigher space requirements than Aussie’s and are extremely clever at space saving solutions. Check out the Acqua e Sapone laundry collection for your next laundry renovation.


Art Deco meets Italian modern design is the best way to describe Rifra’s Zero bathroom collection. This bathroom range features a handle cut out on the door to create a handless finish with a bit of flare!


Drawers within cupboards, lights within mirrors – despite the name, the Less bathroom collection is extremely indulgent. Straight lines and strong structures disguise the level of functionality, making each new feature a pleasure to discover. The Less bathroom collection appoints one feature to serve as a focal point for the room, using decorative resin or [...]

The most defining feature of the K.One bathroom collection is the door, with a 45 degree rebate on each corner creating a floating effect. It is the most sought after collection in the Rifra range and comes in the full range of the manufacturer’s finishes, including matt, gloss, wood, leather and cement.


The minimalistic K.Forty bathroom collection offers subtle asymmetries, with off-set basins drawing immediate attention. A protruding surface with a bevelled edge and an equal depth height ratio of the cabinetry are two key characteristics of this simply stunning bathroom collection.

Italian elegant uniqueness at it’s finest, the K.Fly bathroom collection features structured angular forms that demonstrate Rifra’s precision and attention to detail.


What makes the Xil bathroom collection unique is the ability to have extra deep bathroom vanities, up to 58cm. The Xil range is available with a push pull handless door or a range of external handles making it an elegant but also highly flexible bathroom vanity collection.

Urban chic

The Urban Chic bathroom vanity collection is a perfect example of design meets function. With a range of vanity sizes, each bathroom cabinet may be personalised to optimise space, from various storage options for your bathroom products, to sockets for hairdryers and internal sensor lighting.


The Manhatten bathroom collection provides highly versatile bathroom cabinetry that can suit lots of different lifestyle and design requirements. One brilliant feature of the Manhatten bathroom vanity is the option to have a customised molded sink that morphs into the vanity to create a soft and easy care finish.


The Lignum bathroom collection is made up of a wide range of bathroom vanities available in different lengths and heights, offering a variety of solutions to your bathroom space. Available in a variety of finishes and handled or handless styles to suit either a classic or modern application, the Lignum collection is suitable for every [...]

KS range

Are you after a slick, modern bathroom that offers the most design forward bathroom vanity finishes? If yes, look no further than the KS bathroom collection. Featuring highly durable plastic and concrete the KS bathroom range offers high durability and a new direction in bathroom finishes.


Are you a little tight for space in your small bathroom? If so, the KO8 is the perfect small bathroom cabinetry solution. The AK08 features reduced depth cabinetry and rounded corners to make the most of compact spaces. Available in a range of finishes, KO8 is the perfect answer for those looking for a beautifully [...]


The ultra-indulgent Bania bathroom collection will bring deep colour and high-gloss to your bathroom, combining luxury and style with real practicality. Featuring sensor-responsive in-drawer lighting and compartmentalised storage with combinations of straight lines and curved edges to create intriguing visual appeal.


The curved Sinuosa kitchen island is what greets you when you enter our showroom in Subiaco and provides a dramatic statement for any kitchen design. Quintessentially unique to the Perth kitchen market, the curved kitchen cabinetry in the Sinuosa range is perfect if you are looking for a stand out feature that is also subtle [...]


If you have a small kitchen design but are looking for a WOW factor, the luce kitchen range is perfect for you. Designed to be highly functional, this kitchen range is simple with an aluminum handle to create an elegant finish.


This is one of Effeti’s original kitchen ranges and is perfect if you are looking for flexible kitchen design. You will never be short on space with this kitchen range as the low base units ensures the drawers and cupboards have spacious interiors. L’Evolutionze can catered for a handled or handleless door in a multitude [...]


The distinctive feature of the EO kitchen range is the door edge, cut at 40 degrees with an anodized aluminium handle profile which protects the door whilst creating a practical and aesthetic handle grip. If you are looking for a flexible and contemporary kitchen design, the EO range is just for you.


An elegant kitchen range, AK05 is the perfect kitchen range if you are looking for a classic feel. With a 30 degree mitered door finish for design simplicity, the AK05 has a 26mm thick door and comes in a range of door finishes, oak veneer, cement, glass fronted and lacquer.


The AK04 kitchen range is for those of us with bold kitchen design ideas. The door is designed with a 5mm aluminium frame which allows the door to be clad in a range of cutting edge materials such as recycled paper by Paperstone, nanotechnology Fenix and other unusual door materials such as corian and saw-effect [...]


For the professional kitchen lovers out there! The AKB_08 kitchen range is Arrital’s latest offering and the result of a collaboration between chef Andrea Berton and designer Franco Driusso. This range aims to transfer the practicality of a professional kitchen into the family home environment. This is a unique range from Arrital and will inspire [...]


Must is the bathroom collection most coveted by the designers at Retreat Design. This bathroom cabinetry range is simply beautiful and uses precious and refined metals on the tops and accessories to create a unique and exclusive finish. Come in to our Subiaco showroom where we have the Must collection on display to realise the [...]