The Importance Of Lighting

The importance of lighting can often be overlooked. Although it can be easy to miss, light is perhaps one of the most important aspects of interior design. Lighting plays with perceptions and creates unique viewing experiences. Lighting has the ability to change depth perception in a room, creating the illusion of a more spacious area. Utilising lighting to your advantage can completely change your home, kitchen and bathroom.


Not only does lighting have an effect on design, but it also affects our wellbeing. Lighting has biological and physical effects that can impact the health and wellbeing of humans. Good lighting design can help stabilise your circadian rhythm, helping improve your overall mood and assist in a better nights sleep. Contributing to your overall wellbeing.


The importance of lighting is profound and there are many ways to adjust the lighting in your home. Here are some of the ways Retreat Design utilise lighting to create a well lit home.



Skylights are a great option if you’re renovating your home. Installing a skylight allows natural light to enter the room. Different times of the day will allow for different shades and sunbeams to enter your space. Not only this, but it is the most environmentally friendly option for your home.



Lamp lights add an extra element into the room. Different tones of light, from different sources, positions, angles and heights can make a huge different to any space and they key elements used to decorate it.



Dimmer lights are lights that you can adjust the flow of energy from, making them brighter or dimmer. Dimmer lights are great because you have the ability to change the lighting dependent on your mood or the time of day. You may choose to make your lights brightest when cooking dinner, and dimmest right before you head to bed. Dimmer lights also save energy by reducing the flow of electricity to the light, allowing lights to operate with lower power input.



Having mirrors and reflective surfaces in your space may seem irrelevant to lighting. However, they play a large role in how the lighting changes within your space. A strategically placed mirror can reflect the light into other areas of the room, creating more depth within the space.


Lighting can make or break the architectural and stylistic features of any space. Hence, the use of proper lighting is a major element of interior design. If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, Retreat Design can help you create the best lighting interior for your home. Contact us to find out more!

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