Petria Field | The Importance of Sustainable Styling

sustainable styling

Thanks Petria Field from Coco Rose Interiors for this wonderfully refined and timely blog on sustainable styling.


Decorating in a sustainable way doesn’t have to be ugly!  Sustainability is here to stay as more and more people are becoming conscious of turning their carbon footprint into green thumbs!


It doesn’t mean that you have to go and plant a million trees but perhaps change the way you use them!


Think interior design.


What if you can choose ethically sourced furniture that helps the local community, relieves pressure on the surrounding environment, reduces waste, saves you money and actually helps the ever growing (irony intended) issue of deforestation?


Well you can! Here are a few ways you can get started on your sustainable styling journey.


Upcycle or recycle vintage pieces – You can buy amazing vintage pieces from refuse stores and refurbish them to make gorgeous statement pieces or try turning a cable drum into a handy coffee table with space underneath for book shelves.


Sustainable materials – Choosing pieces made from fast growing plants that are robust post-production such as bamboo or rattan are great sources for sustainable furniture. Due to their rapid growth, versatility and strength, your product will be more hardy, producing less demand on supply and therefore less is cleared allowing more natural environments to remain.


Handcrafted – Choosing handcrafted means more time and care is taken into producing each piece. Less waste is produced through the production process and you’ll have a higher quality product that will last generations.


Invest in high quality – High quality handcrafted products are often more expensive however they’ll be the only piece you need to buy, saving you money over the life of your products and reducing the need to replace broken furniture. You’ll avoid becoming a part of the throw away and re-consumption society many have accepted for convenience over sustainability.

sustainable styling

sustainable styling – courtesy of @coco_rose_interiors


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