The ‘IT’ List – Our Most Popular Images on Social Media in 2020

It’s always fascinating to see which projects of ours strike a cord with our followers and which images are the most liked on Social Media. This year we’ve seen a definite trend for black cabinetry with our top photos featuring black Fenix, black Maximatt and black stained oak.

Below we’ve compiled a snapshot of top 10 posts for you to peruse. It will be interesting to see how this translates into design trends for 2021. Dark, moody and industrial influences are certainly big in our kitchen projects from the past few years.

Feel free to drop in to our showroom or give us a call to discuss your options for your next project.


Most Liked Instagram Image

Number 1 – South Fremantle Guesthouse

Number 2 – South Fremantle Guesthouse

Number 3 – South Fremantle Guesthouse


Black Cabinetry

Number 4 – West Leederville Kitchen

Number 5 – Arrital Project in Black Fenix NTM

Number 6 – Cottesloe Kitchen

Number 6 – South Fremantle House

Number 7 – City Beach Project

Number 8 – Claremont Project

Number 9 – Claremont Project

Number 10 – Claremont Kitchen

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