The Myths of Imported Cabinetry

Arredo3 imported cabinetry

If you’ve ever considered purchasing imported Italian cabinetry but ultimately been scared off by the thought of lead time or expense, then we have all your questions answered!

Retreat Design prides itself on supplying quality Italian made cabinetry to the Perth market and we truly believe our product offering is unique and superior. Let us de-bunk the myths about imported cabinetry for you!


·         Imported cabinetry is more expensive

Our wide selection of different materials and styles means that we can offer exactly what you need to create your perfect home. We work directly with clients on individual kitchen briefs or can work in consult with a client’s architect, designer and/or builder. We can create kitchens for any style and budget from the vast range of kitchen cabinetry ranges available through Arredo3Arrital and Effeti. Entry level ranges in a matte white finish are a very cost effective option which is the same price as locally made product at a far superior quality.


·         I won’t get warranty & local support in Perth

The owners of Retreat Design have worked closely with our manufacturers to develop long term relationships that work to provide superior solutions for our clients. Through our European manufacturers we have access to world class cabinetry design and technology. We are a close family run business that prides itself on providing our customers with reliable, expert advice. We partner with registered builders and quality tradespeople to cover all aspects of building and renovation projects and have our own in house installation and project management team. The Retreat Design team are experienced in managing trades on site and problem solving through renovation issues, from the most common to the most complex. All of our products are backed by extensive warranties and good service.


·         Imported cabinetry cannot be customised

Our cabinetry is customised to suit your specific requirements whilst also providing a cutting edge design and quality finish. At Retreat Design we employ a dedicated and passionate team of in-house interior designers to work on your project and bring it life exactly the way you envision. Cabinetry can be customised to fit any space or interior.


·         It takes too long to get cabinetry imported

As Retreat Design cabinetry is manufactured in Europe, there is an 8-12 week lead time before the installation and project management may commence. Generally speaking this is comparable to local cabinet makers. Renovating a house is not a quick fix solution and many trades are involved in bringing your project to life. For more information on a renovation timeline, please read our blog post here.


·         Imported products aren’t environmentally friendly

At Retreat Design we understand that as importers of products for the construction industry it is imperative to engage in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to ensure we deliver our service in an ethically responsible manner. By nature, Italian products are sustainable. Our Italian manufacturing brands have an ethos that furniture is for LIFE and employ environmentally friendly manufacturing practices that ensure their kitchens are of the highest quality and last the test of time. Retreat Design’s largest Italian manufacturer, Arrital, recently upgraded their manufacturing plant to a state of the art facility in Fontanafredda  in the north of Italy with environmentally friendly practices at the heart of their processes. The plant itself is virtually energy self-sufficient due to a comprehensive solar energy system. For more information on Arrital’s environmentally friendly practices please visit our blog here.




So if you’re interested in finding out more about our products and service, make sure you visit our showroom at 156 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park.



At Retreat Design, we have exclusive access to a world of Italian cabinetry that is not otherwise provided in Western Australia. Our standard door thickness starts at 20mm, ranging up to 26mm thick in some collections, making the sturdiness of our cabinetry indisputable. We also have a large range of sophisticated handleless look solutions on offer, capable of giving another level of distinction and interest to any space. On top of this, the technologies used to finish our doors and drawers cannot be replicated by local manufacturers; cabinetry finishes such as lacquer, render, porcelain, glass and stainless steel are completely specific to our Italian importers.





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