Six tips for a successful renovation

Below we’ve compiled some of our top tips for planning a well executed home renovation. We always recommend you invest time at the start of the design process to research your ideas and make the all important decision of choosing the right professional to help oversee your home renovation.
1. DO YOUR RESEARCH | Plan well. Collect images that you like for inspiration. Use social media platforms such as Houzz and Pinterest to create idea boards. Decide on colours and materials that you might like to use in your kitchen or bathroom. A bit of planning before you set up a meeting with a contractor or designer will help you better communicate your vision and also give you an idea about the estimated costs of the renovation.

2. SET A BUDGET | It is important to work out your budget before dreaming too big. Make sure you factor in labour costs, materials, fixtures and time frames and be open with your contractor from the start to avoid cost blow outs.

3. DECIDE ON A CONTRACTOR / PROJECT MANAGER | Make contact with a few contractors and designers and further develop your renovation plan. At this stage you should be able to get an idea of budget and space planning. You might also brainstorm new ideas and consider different options. Research your chosen designer and ask to see photos of their previous projects.

4. FOCUS ON FUNCTIONALITY | Your kitchen or bathroom renovation plans should not only look amazing but more importantly, function well for the needs of you and your family. Space planning is essential and can help you visualise how you will utilise the space. Always double check the details and sign off on the design drawings.

5. INVEST IN QUALITY | Know where to splurge on high quality features and cut costs in other areas. Kitchen cabinets, hinges and bench tops need to be of high quality since they will be used so often and will show wear and tear. Perhaps look at cutting back on expensive appliances or choose different brands. It’s also important to remember that a renovation done well will increase the value of your home and look great for many years to come.

6. KEEP IT SIMPLE | Simple, functional designs will stand the test of time and remain ‘current’ even as the years pass by. Avoid too many fancy trends and stick to clean lines and simple accents with quality materials to get the most bang for your buck.


Retreat Design employs professional designers and project managers to ensure your home renovation runs smoothly, on time and within budget. Visit us at or call us on 08 6101 1190 to learn more about how we can help you with your next home renovation project.

For more information on the design process please click here.

Pinterest & Houzz are great ways to create idea boards for your renovation



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