Top 5 tips for planning a kitchen remodel or a new kitchen

styling your kitchen

Planning to remodel any area in your home is always exhilarating, but renovating a kitchen is not an easy job – besides being very time consuming, it can also be expensive.

But hey, who wouldn’t pay the price for a dream kitchen? It’s usually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a home owner, and getting it right is always a win-win for the entire family!

After all, the kitchen is the centre of all the activity in the house. It’s where the whole family can spend time together, cook and eat meals, as well as plan daily activities and chores, so planning a new kitchen means taking all these factors into consideration.

How Can You Turn Your Kitchen into the Perfect Cooking Space?

An ideal kitchen needs to be spacious for ease of movement, practically laid out, so that it is well coordinated and easy to find things when you need them and most importantly, it must have lots and lots of storage space.

Here are a few tips to consider when you’re planning a dream kitchen remodel:

    • Think About What You Will NeedA kitchen needs to cater to all the needs of a family, and should reflect the personality of the people who use it. Start with getting design ideas from various sources and come up with creative alternatives that suit the family lifestyle.

      Think about placement and colour combinations, whether there is a need for expansion and if simple changes like a set of bay windows will improve the view and bring in gorgeous sunlight. Let your imagination run free!


    • Proper Research and PlanningChart out the budget well in advance, to sift out what’s practical and doable after considering various design ideas. It’s important to research the price of various components as well as wall, ceiling, floor and window treatments, so you reach a realistic figure.
      Don’t forget to factor in the extras, like plumbing and electrical costs, as these expenses could sky rocket with fancy features or undesirable placement.


    • Consider Professional AssistanceAfter the preliminary research is done, it’s a good idea to seek out professional assistance to put the plan into action with a realistic view of the budget in question.
      Discuss and negotiate the optimal output in terms of flooring, possible relocation of plumbing, appliances, lighting, cabinetry and countertops, etc. Make sure to also consider materials and their functionality, besides the central theme of the kitchen design.


    • Lay Out Appropriate Schematic DesignsGet cracking on the floor plans by evaluating appropriate placement of the various components, with the help of a professional designer. Since space is of paramount importance, remember to consider both ease of movement and storage and not merely the look of the kitchen.
      Adding a tiny pantry for storage that can be hidden away can prove very useful, for instance. In case of expansion, consider the cost of construction and don’t hesitate to rework a design if there are budget constraints.


  • Finalize Fixtures and FittingsAfter visualizing the kitchen design and concluding the floor plans, start with the implementation stage. Finalize the fixtures and fittings from flooring, cabinetry and countertops to lighting and appliances that match the ideal kitchen setting.
    A practical and patient attitude is bound to make the whole experience enjoyable, so don’t lose track of the end goal!

This post was written by: Catherine Johnson

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