Top tips to create the perfect bathroom

Planning a bathroom renovation or new build? We’ve got you covered! Here’s our top bathroom tips for creating your dream space:


  • Floating cabinetry makes the space feel larger and more spacious. Floating shelves are also a gorgeous way to display perfume bottles or indoor plants.

  • Large wall mirrors with integrated lighting help to reflect light and make the space feel more open.

  • Cabinetry with integrated lighting adds a touch of luxury & wow factor.

  • Consider underfloor heating or heated towel rails to add ambience and warmth. There’s nothing more luxurious than stepping into a warm and welcoming bathroom retreat.

  • Capitalise on natural light available through the windows. Make a feature of the window by planting something beautiful outside to frame it.

  • Bring warmth and dimension to the space by using different textures such as timber, matte & gloss finishes and marble or stone.

  • Consider using a feature product to add wow factor such as a ceiling mounted bath spout, feature tap ware or basin but remember to keep the design cohesive and restrained.

  • Don’t scrimp on storage or bench space! Ensure there is ample bench space for makeup, hairdryers and accessories.

  • To save money when renovating, avoid changing the location of plumbing. Tiling only the wet areas can also help to minimise costs.


Integrated cabinetry lighting


Feature light boxes


Ceiling mounted bath spout

WEB 4 Myera St Swanbourne twi 24

Tiling to wet areas with large window

bathroom vanities

Beautiful use of contrasting textures

bathroom tips

Mirror with backlighting


Feature tap ware and basin

bathroom tips

Clever use of natural light


Floating cabinetry with excellent storage

bathroom tips

Floating cabinetry and heated towel rail

Clean, restrained colour palette

Clean, restrained colour palette


For more expert advice from our team, drop in to the showroom or give us a call today to set up a free design consultation.


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