On trend kitchen renovation ideas

We have put together some of the latest and greatest kitchen renovation ideas to keep you updated on the most innovative products available.

    • Door finishes | Adding a point of difference to your kitchen with innovative finishes on the doors and cabinetry will add wow factor to your kitchen. Treated wood finishes in dark and light tones, textured Paperstone® and matte Fenix NTM® are proving very popular in our recent kitchen designs and allow for more depth and contrast between materials.


    • Matte surfaces | We are seeing clients using matte surfaces in the kitchen like never before! With the introduction of high tech materials such as Fenix NTM® and Super Matte Laminate from Arrital, a muted finish in the kitchen looks superb with contrasting materials such as timber, marble and concrete. Matte finishes are also durable, stylish and easy to clean in the modern kitchen.


    • Feature tapware | Choosing high quality, interesting tapware for your kitchen can help lift the overall design. With so many beautiful taps to choose from, we are seeing clients use tapware to inject individuality and a focal point into their kitchen. From coloured & metallic finishes to architectural looking designs there are so many options to change the tap’s purpose from purely functional to beautiful as well.


    • Integrated fridges/appliances | Very popular in Europe, Australian clients are also moving towards integrating their fridges and freezes into the cabinetry which gives a streamlined look to the kitchen. The fridge doors are hidden to keep it in line with the surrounding kitchen cabinetry.


    • Feature range hoods | With such a variety of range hoods on offer why not choose a stand out piece to make this functional kitchen product a feature in your kitchen. From floating designs to pop up range hoods and sculptural looking extractors, we have access to the latest trends from around the world.


    • Retractable & sliding doors | A great option for small spaces and open plan kitchens, retractable and sliding doors allow you to use the kitchen when required and then hide it all away when not in use. With clever cabinetry from Arrital, the essential cooking appliances and work spaces can be easily moved out of sight when guests arrive!


    • Integrated tables | Kitchens with table extensions are proving very popular at the moment as they provide a seated dining area incorporated into the design of the kitchen. Aesthetically, they look light and attractive as they are cantilevered off the main bench. The Arrital AK_04 and AK_06 kitchens are on trend with this added table component.


  • Framed kitchens | Adding a frame/border around your kitchen cabinetry is another easy way to add extra personality to your home. Whether it be stainless steel or contrasting wood and white, a framed kitchen looks well finished and adds definition to the cabinetry.


  • MG_7693-400x600 thumbnail
    Thermotreated oak wood finish
  • Arrital-Kitchen-500x375 thumbnail
    Matte finish Fenix NTM on the AK_04 kitchen

  • Feature kitchen tap ware

  • Integrated fridge/freezer hidden by cabinetry

  • Arrital twin feature range hoods

  • Pop-up range hood with induction cook top

  • Sliding doors on the Arrital AK_06 Kitchen

  • Sliding doors on the Arrital AK_06 Kitchen

  • Retractable doors to hide everything away

  • Integrated table design

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